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    Julong Logo

    ●The shape of our logo represents the currency. The aim of Julong is to provide product and service that help to make the currency circulates in a safe and fast way

    ●Currency represents wealth, the inner square means that we are an expert in making money and follow the rules, and the outer circle means that we are able to create value and bring more benefits to the world

    ●The logo shape looks like the number “9”, which symbolizes a long lasting business. And in Chinese traditional culture, nine is the biggest number, here, “9” means that Julong will try our best to meet customer’s requirement with our continuous innovation and optimum user experience and best customer service

    ●The shape of the logo resembles a comma, which symbolizes our business will developing without stop

    The Mission of Julong

    Provide advanced and competitive products and services, create a well-known brand, best service our domestic and global customer and achieve a world-leading position in the industry

    The Vision of Julong

    Counting and Sorting the world currency, make a faster counting, quicker sorting, safer moving and better circulation

    The Spirit of Julong

    We are Julong in face of the Chinese and we represent China before the foreigners

    Julong Philosophy

    1. Employment:keep talents with emotion, salary and career development

    2. Education: ability outcomes degree and achievement outcomes qualification

    3. Operation: sincere cooperation and win-win mutual benefit

    4. Management: no-defect products and zero distance service

    5. Market: make a big step in innovation and make a great growth in dynamic development

    6. Service: customer orientation

    7. Teamwork: our team is brave as an eagle, and cooperative as wild goose

    The Value of Julong

    The word "Rong" refers to the core value of Julong culture, which includes spirit, teamwork, creativity, tolerance, win-win policy and public interest.

    1. Spirit: "Rong Zhi" refer that Julongnese have ambition, passion, positive attitude, self-improving, and self-driven and dedicated to our business.

    2. Teamwork spirit: Only the "Rongxin" spirit can create a teamwork, which represents that the staffs with teamwork spirit can think and work towards the same goal and the team can be brave as an eagle, and cooperative as wild goose. We can make a big contribution and a great performance with our strong competitiveness, ambition, positive attitude and cohesiveness.

    3. Creative: Only"Rong Zhi"spirit leads to continuous innovation. Innovation is the requirement and necessity for business development and individual development. Innovation means that our people strive to continuous exploration in their working with expertise, know-how and talents. Talents and people with wisdom can change their fate with persistent, hard work and self-transcendence spirit can make the long-lasting brilliant.

    4. Tolerance: Only "Rong Ai"spirit can make harmonious existence, which represents everyone should be kind and understandable to each other in terms of cooperation, put the general interest above the personal interest. Tolerance is a state of mind,is a great mind for the talents with business. Melting heart to enterprise, emotion to customers, reward the country are the universal love for Rong staffs and the pursuit of Rong enterprise.

    5. Win-Win Policy: only "Rong Li" can make a win-win benefit come true. We regard customers, suppliers, investors and staffs as our cooperative partners.Treat each other with honesty and make mutual benefit. Make platform for staffs to display themselves, make chances for the suppliers’ development, make qualified products and service for customers, and make great reward for the investors.

    6. Mutual Benefit:" Rong Ze"spirit lead to selfless behavior. We have made donations many years and shaped enterprises and staffs with good merits and moral.The enterprise has the courage to take their own responsibility, try their best to make utmost good deeds for social public welfare charity and make a great contribution to governing the counterfeit and building financial security.

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